No, it has never been done before! And we think we can make it worthwhile - a motion picture where sun, beach, alcohol, drugs and half naked girls meet flesh eating zombies!

HoliDead is a roller-coaster of fun, horror comedy with the smell of Mediterranean - with strong comedic characters, new splatterfest ideas and funny political backdrop; multicultural (different types of naked bodies!) and gory in it’s fun-tastic way (different types of spilled blood types!)


It all begins when five young, 20-something tourists from Britain - two British boys, a British girl, a girl born and raised in Croatia and an American girl, all friends from a university in London - decide to visit Croatia for a summer vacation. The plan is to go to Zrće, “Croatian Ibiza”, one of the hottest clubbing spots in Europe, but after too much partying, they decide to finish their vacation by spending a few days on a small isolated island. Girl of Croatian origins has family there and they all need some “detox” before going back to UK.

They decide to enjoy rest of the vacation filled with skinny dipping, dancing, sex, private beach parties... But holiday will soon have a wild turn when five of them end up in the middle of zombie invasion!

Everything started when Russian billionaire (Big Pharma money) decided he liked the island and wanted it for himself. With the help of local politicians, he found out that under the law he could buy the whole island for himself but only if it’s not populated. So he created a perfect plan - he contaminated a Russian tourist with a “Zombie virus”, cannibalistic form of rabies, with a goal of spreading the disease and wiping out whole island community. Few locals will fight against the Zombie plague with the help of British tourists, making relationships in the group even more complicated, but ones who are immune to a virus are local “retards” (“redikuli”), mentally challenged community, a product of a long tradition of island incest! In the end, those “redikuli” become unexpected heroes of the story and only surviving humans of the zombie apocalypse.

HOLIDEAD is based on the concept of “war of the worlds” - cultural clash between exotic local tradition and modern foreign lifestyle, conflict between two different worlds, zombies created by greed and beautiful young people trying to live “young and free” by the sea, enjoying the fruits of their youth and one of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world. Mediterranean architecture and nature, sun scorched rocks, stone build streets, small town square and perfect beaches - all that is the basis for the visual identity of the film, but also one of the reasons Croatia attracts lots of tourists each summer. Croatian culture and customs will also have an important role in the film, making it more exotic and unique, also serving as a template for majority of comedic situations in the story.

HOLIDEAD is a horror movie, meaning it has all the postulates of the zombie genre, but it’s first and foremost a comedy, giving strong emphasis on the funny, mixing violence with laughter. It’s not a trash movie - our goal is to make “Shaun of the Dead” meets “Spring Breakers”!


Young, hip and sexy British university students are coming for a summer vacation to a beautiful, small and isolated Croatian island. They are: DAVID and his girlfriend EVE, CHARLIE and his Croatian girlfriend LYDIA. Lydia attends university in England where she met the crew - her parents are still living on the island, as well as her ex-boyfriend FRANE, who is jealous of Charlie, her new, British boyfriend and is starting to develop relationship with KATE, fifth member of the main characters from English speaking area. They all study media and business in London.

HOLIDEAD will be shot in English language, except for a few scenes with the locals who speak pidgeon-English with foreigners and special type of “island Croatian” language among themselves (these scenes will have English subtitles).


In order to have attached names, we need money - that’s why we’re here. So we are not flaunting our impressive list of attached actors and actresses - because in this stage of production we cannot fully commit to any name we choose right now. That’s why we need your help. “HoliDead” is open for all suggestions and help from it’s “crowdfunders” - not only ideas for cast we can attach after we finish budgeting the movie (because in this line of work, you have to pay for everything), but also any other production ideas you have in mind.

If you donate any amount of $ to “HoliDead”, you will be able to contact us directly - producer will reply you personally and all your ideas will be taken into consideration. We are making this film together, so - let’s make it together!


For now, we have main actress definitely attached to this project. She is TIHANA LAZOVIĆ, leading Croatian actress of her generation - her latest roles are ones in “festival blockbusters”, film “The High Noon” (2015) awarded by Un Certain Regard in Cannes and “On the Other Side” (2016), awarded in Berlin. Although famous for her festival dramas, Tihana will have a completely different role in “HoliDead”, as LYDIA, sexy Croatian girl who lives and studies in London. Charlie is her (younger) boyfriend, they met on the campus. She earned sociology degree in Zagreb, and then went to attend university in London, where she studies business. Her mother is still living on the island.

KATE, American girl that works as a part time model in London. She studies social media and is obsessed with Instagram, frustrated that smarthphone does not work properly on the island. She is a daughter of a famous American actor, but she doesn’t want anybody to know that. She wants to be a normal girl. She recently broke up with her boyfriend (also famous American young actor).


CHARLIE, alfa male who doesn’t know how to swim, wants to be a music producer. Likes football. He dies first.


EVE, black girl from Tottenham, she wants to be an actress, at least a TV presenter. Her father was in UN mission in Croatia during the war but this is her first time in the country, just like the others. Was rejected from Big Brother auditions.


DAVID, Hipster from London, party animal, likes electronic music, booze and ecstasy. He wanted to go to directly to Zrće and party in “Croatian Ibiza”, but he is on the island here because Eve is his girlfriend and she is a good friend of Lydia and Kate.


SANJA, Lydia’s friend from school. She earns her money by selling weed to tourists. Her dead father (they told her the story he died at the sea) was the one who built a small local church.
IVO, Sanja’s autistic younger brother, obsessed with video games (when zombies attack, he has the best shot because he had a training on Call On Duty). Sanja bought him a Playstation with money earned by selling weed (the family is poor).
RUSSIAN MARRIED COUPLE, they came couple of days before the Brits, by winning a holiday as a prize. This is their first time at the sea and husband is feeling sick for the last couple of days. He is patient zero, the first one to turn into a zombie.
LOCAL PRIEST, old and conservative, moral authority; later we found out he is the father of one of the mentally challenged people.
MAYOR, ego-maniac, typical politician, Russian billionaire organizes buying of the island with his help.
COUNTY RULER, he is the one that sells the island to the Russian businessman.


PROFESSOR, mute with a short beard, glasses and an old jacket, he lives with his old mother, father is dead. Parents were always embarrassed by him so they dressed him up like “a professor” when they let him out of his house. He likes to watch science documentaries because he likes colors - that’s how he got his nickname Professor. But his IQ is 57.
BARKA, heavily retarded, he only speaks one word - “barka” (boat); lives with his parents who don’t let him out of his house. He’s obsessed with drawing boats, his room is full of pictures of boats.
ANA, heavily retarded, doesn’t speak at all, she just laughs out loud at anything she sees. Her parents are keeping her locked up in a special room in a basement, and when they get bitten by the zombies, she gets free.



Dario is a film director from Zagreb (graduated film and TV directing on Academy of Dramatic Arts). His short films ("Zorgasm", "Bodily Fluids", "Day of the Dead") won numerous genre film festivals awards (Grossman, FSFF, ZagrebDox), and his documentary "Srecko" became an international hit on the Internet. He worked as an assistant director on feature films and big national movie hits "Metastasses", "Vegetarain Cannibal" and "Number 55". In 2016. he directed five episodes of “CSI Croatia”, prime time documentary series for national television. Alongside “HoliDead”, he is currently developing a feature film "Zaokruzi me!" ("Circle me!") and TV series "Ravnica" supported by Croatian AudioVisual Centre, both based on a script by Velimir Grgić.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.dariolonjak.com   |   DIRECTOR'S SHOWREEL   |   IMDB


Velimir is a Croatian writer, screenwriter and film producer. He published 13 books (non fiction and two novels), worked on TV, in theater and cinema. His zombie horror-comedy book "Kriza" ("Crisis") won Sfera Award for the Novel of the year and he was in the middle of a huge controversy when play “Les Particules élémentaires” was banned in Dubrovnik, for which he wrote a script, based on a masterpiece by Michel Houllebecq. He is a screenwriter and a star of a TV series “CSI Croatia”, he was behind most popular TV talk shows and quiz shows, and he worked in legendary Jadran Film Studios for two years. He wrote “The Last Well”, first Croatian SF-drama ever, shot by Filip Filković, and alongside "Holidead", he is developing feature film "Zaokruzi me!" ("Circle me!") and TV series "Ravnica" supported by Croatian AudioVisual Centre, both with Dario Lonjak.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.velimir-grgic.com   |   FACEBOOK   |   IMDB



Beautiful locations and financial incentives (projects can derive a benefit of 20% of their qualifying), made Croatia a popular destination for foreign film and TV shoots; in recent years, Croatian coast and cities served as locations for “Game Of Thrones”, “Goltzius And The Pelican Company” (2012), “Diana” (2013), “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (2017) and “Robin Hood” (2018); among many others.

Croatia has a long-standing tradition of film production and has served as location for such classics as Norman Jewison’s "Fiddler on the Roof" (1971), Sam Peckinpah’s "Cross of Iron" (1977), Volker Schlöndorff’s "Tin Drum" (1979) and Alan J. Pakula’s "Sophie’s Choice" (1982).


Game of Thrones: On Location in Croatia (HBO)